Google My Business Premium

There’s some incredibly important intel in this article. I’m pretty much an open book because I don’t give two hoots what my “competitors” are doing, but… this is too good to post out loud.

Read the article. Do the survey. If you’re savvy and really look for it, you’ll find two nuggets that’ll either put your competition out of business or force them to step their game up.


Not sure how I feel about this. I get where they’re coming from. They’re trying to fill the shoes that HomeAdvisor has attempted to fill but seems to be doing a less and less adequate job at it. I do believe that when Google launches something new, they usually execute it well.

I’m not crazy over the idea that a competitor who has a larger marketing budget could swoop in and steal leads from my long-cultivated google page.

But very little in business is actually fair. If it were, my brother-in-law who works his butt off every night in a hot bakery would out-earn me.

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Competitors with larger budgets are already doing that. I feel this will equalize the market and rid it of $99 guys. I dont think Google could ever be as bad as Home Advisor without trying really hard.


Good points.

I guess I don’t feel like maintaining one more monthly subscription, lol.

Competition in my area is a moot point right now, but I feel it’s only a matter of time before I give somebody with the right capital and motivation the idea to make a career change. It was one thing when I was flying under the radar in a used xB; no one thought I was really making a living at this, lol.


Two of my sh vendors have reported that no less than 30 new washers showed up this year. Im sure some just graduated from pool shock to pro grade sh but it seems the market is flooded badly here. Ive seen 3 this morning en route to a job. 2/ week, maybe, last year. But its all good. Im moving toward a different customer anyhow.

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