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If anyone here can help me with Google ads please send me a message. About to run ads but I have a few questions. Any help is much appreciated!

I think @Racer had posted a presentation he did ok how to run them. I’ll try to find it really quick and post the link if I can.

Edit-apparently what I remembered was a pdf of a presentation Rick had done and was DMing people back in 2018. Idk if it would still apply, but maybe he still has it and would send it to you.

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Thanks @FatFIRE!

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Let me know if you have any questions. I run these heavily

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Thanks Brandon, I just sent a message.

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What is y’all’s campaign type, leads, website traffic?

Welcome, sorry it wasn’t more help!

I just started my ads on google. Made a website from wix and tweaked my SEO. But I’m paying google to show my website as the first few searches. in the Orlando FL area I’m getting 4, or 5 clicks a day but no calls or emails. Its been almost a month and I only got 2 calls so far. One was a $965 estimate hopefully they accept it! But sadly, I’m not the best at advising on this, not yet. This is where they go to when they click on my ads-

What’s your radius from your address? I get 4, 5 clicks a day but nobody calls. its been near a month and only 2 calls. May i visit your site? Do you have a specific landing page? (Orlando, FL)

@KingdomsPW welcome to the forum.
Good info here.
Kinda frowned upon to start putting your website in multiple replies though.

We’ve actually had some pretty good luck running ads for and have gotten several pressure washing leads in Oklahoma. Our red dirt makes it impossible for brick to stay clean long, though. Try niching down and really targeting for ONE service, like drive-thru’s for restaurants, etc. The more specific you can be the better. Make sure you have a really high value offer (coupon) for the ad, a great headline and picture. Before and after’s are great. All the best and GREAT JOB becoming such a young entrepreneur & business owner. :slight_smile:

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