Good Deal?

What do you guys think of this setup? I’ve tried to recreate this package via and other sites but I would be a few grand over the cost of this setup… Below is what comes with the $10,995.00 price tag.

•Hot water, thermostat controlled, ​two gun unit.
•Honda GX630, 20HP engine with two year warranty.
•General Pump blasts water at 6GPM and 3500PSI.
•Comes with 5 year warranty.
•Beckett sure fire burner with indicator lights for power and ignition and heavy duty aluminum heat shield. The schedule 80 coil comes with a 5 year warranty.
•Skid is powder coated and has a vibration isolated power platform with shock absorbing feet.
•Unloader has a patent pending cool bypass system to make sure the pump does not get above ambient heat during bypass mode.​

•Two 3500LB axles.
•Tubular Chasis.
•Electric break away system.
•LED Lights.
•Diamond plated stand on fenders.
•Mesh lining.
•Quadruple reinforced tounge.
•2 5/16 inch coupler.
•Fold up jack.

•525 gallon water tank
•35 gallon chemical tank
•Locking tool box.
•Stacked Summit hose reels.
•Your choice of 3 wands including one dual-lance.
•Two 100ft sections of R1 4000PSI rated hoses.
•Turn key plumbing with handwash station.
•Dual low pressure chemical injection system.
•Blow out freezer protector.
•Additional nozzles and O-rings
•1 year warranty on everything.

Not a good deal. What are you looking at washing?

Starting out I will be doing Fleet washing and flat work for some of the properties for the Company I currently donate 40 hours a week to. What makes this not a good deal?

  1. General pump
  2. Summit reels
  3. Dual wand system with 8 gpm is only giving you 4 gpm. That is not sufficient gpm to be efficient at either fleet or flatwork. Why pay duplicate reels, unloaders etc when you only need the 8gpm?
  4. 525 gallon tank loaded, with equipment and trailer is pushing the 10k weight limit CDL limit
    Much better off building what you need, as opposed to what someone assembly line builds.

For that $$$ you can build your own way better


That is a nice trailer, but you can get all of that cheaper. You can also setup your own trailer how you want it.


Yea I was planning on getting a smaller tank or at least never fill that up all the way. I thought the general pump brand was a good one? Even though it is a dual wand setup if I am only using one at a time would it not produce the 8gpm I am going for? I could always update the reels. Thanks for you input so far.

I’ve tried to recreate the trailer but seem to be overwhelmed and unable to reproduce something similar and it be cheaper…

If you’re going with the 8 for $11995 not a bad deal. I agree on seeing about upgrading to different reels. Plus maybe relocating smaller tanks. You’re going to need an incoming water reel if you really need the 2nd pressure reel. You could probably save a little doing it yourself, maybe $1000 - 1500 but to have the whole package plumbed and ready to go not too bad.


Thanks for the advice! Is there any certain company that has these type of packages you guys would recommend? I keep noticing some swear not to buy pre-made packages but when I look at equipment and parts individually the price almost always exceeds what it cost me to buy as a whole. Maybe because I am trying to price stuff out by what they are listing for online…

You would still get 8gpm but why pay for the extra unloader, reel, check valve, etc if you aren’t going to run 4 gpm? Generals are good for a year or so before a rebuild. Udors can run dry for hours and in typically rebuild about every 5000 hours.

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What would you guys pay for this has 34 hours.

I believe it is a 2016 model 5.5 gpm @ 3.5k psi built by hot & mighty. Anywho the owner said she bought it for her husband and he is unable to use it for some reason.

@Harold This is 5x12 and you see how tight it is. Dual 3500 axles too.

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What’s she want for it?

@Racer She listed is for 14,500 which to me sounds outrageous considering the output of the machine. I like the security of the trailer but not that much. She claimed to have paid $19k 2 years ago which I don’t doubt because hot & mighty is proud of there packages. Since it’s a couple years old with such low hours I worry about the machine running fine hopefully it hasn’t just been sitting up.

This is scary. Makes me think I’ll be selling my enclosed for an open one when I get to setting it up. I have everything measured, and it’s super tight. Just between the skid, 125 buffer, and stacked hose reels, I only have about 3x3’ left. I’m gonna have to get really creative or buy a new trailer. I just don’t know where I’m going to put the 50 gallon roof tank. I’m doubting it’s gonna work. I do have the V, but I already have shelves built there and I’m trying to keep them.

@Innocentbystander @Racer @Harold Guys I am about to send her an offer. What do you consider being a fair offer? I want to offer less than $8k but I doubt she will drop that low. How much would you think is over paying on this setup? Thanks for all the help thus far.

You can always move up. Offer $8k cash and get her response. Then ask her what would she be able to accept?

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That’s exactly what I went with hopefully its a hook, line, & sinker. I don’t really know how much more I would feel comfortable offering I am thinking like 10k max!

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