Good bulletin boards and with good leaders! Where do you go and why?

These bulletin boards were a godsend around 15 yrs ago with Robert and Larry from Delco leading the way. Everyone who was anyone on the net went to Delco’s board. Then from there they took off like reality shows. Everyone and the mother seem to own one. So they became watered down.

Today I mainly go to 6 of them and will be trying like to cut the fat and go to only 3 because I respect there leaders and I’ve been with these three since they started. The fourth one is Bob from ptsate but I buy from Bob but he came later in the game where I was doing to many others a anyway but hi’s was always good if you like those boards where you can say anything to anyone.

So today because where busy and I’m glued to these bb’s so much especially when where on the road I have to minimize the FAT. So with that being said my 3 favorite today in no specific order is PWR,PWC and TGS. The other ones have to much drama and controversy that they don’t seem to advance this industry much when you or anyone for that matter try to do something…
Basically it’s time for me to let go the bb’s that I no longer have any business being on.

So what bulletin boards do you still participate with?

As of now I’m mainly here and Wcr.