Go Big or go home!

OK boys I’m putting my Big Boy pants on going to pitch a hotel that is five stories high. Checked out the price of a lift rental at $1200 a day. The hotel has those clay shingles on it in. But I can use a standard roof mix right? I’m going to try and pitch soft washing the whole damn thing. I wonder if I do square footage or just one big lump sum for the quote. Also it’s OK to ask for a deposit correct? Sorry for the multiple questions I just want to be confident when I go pitch this company

This is the picture I pulled off the Internet the roof is black now

A tile roof you’re probably going to need to be close to 50-50 on your roof mix.

If Washing the roof, you’re going to need a stronger mix. Downstream won’t get it clean. I price that by the sqft and how long I know it’ll take if I have to adjust my price.

I would use 50/50 Mix with an x jet right guys?

To clean what? X-jet comes with proportioners so no need to mix…

:man_facepalming: Just bought my x jet haven’t even read the directions. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking

What is happening? Are you planning on washing the building or roof? Do not mix anything if you’re using an x-jet it has proportioners for a reason. You’re not going to get 50/50 with an x-jet. Do you have a 12v or diaphragm system?


I could rent a lift for two weeks for 1200$ why is yours so expensive.

I have a diaphragm system, but what I’m talking about is when I open the package up for the X jet it has all those little pins you put in for the mix ratio, are you guys not using those or do you just put the one for 50-50

Planning on getting the roof job, also I wanted to ask you guys about this white lime stone that a lot of buildings have out here the one job I did was with a 50-50 mix using a J Rod and that really didn’t work head bust out the surface cleaner but I want to pitch bigger buildings that have the same Issue

Down streaming isn’t going to work for everything and especially if you dilute down the sh by 50%. It’s mainly only going to work for house washing. Sure, there are other surfaces it’ll work on but it’s not going to work well for brick, stucco, limestone, etc unless there isn’t much algae growth. You need a stronger mix for stone surfaces. Start out at around 3% or so and go up from there. That Karate place looks pretty filthy so will likely need stronger. Be careful with the sign and pre-wet it and the windows. There are some great threads on cleaning limestone s just do a search.

Do you have two usernames on here? Are you both Mason7288 and Mike11? Reason I ask is if you have a diaphragm system use it and don’t mess with the x-jet. It’s a lot easier than dragging a bucket around.

Do some searches on the forum and you’ll be able to find what strength to use for different surfaces. Take some notes on note cards and throw it in your glove box.

I havent done much dirty filthy brick, I usually would take my leftover SH mix that I thru into my pumpup and hit the lower half of the house, DS the rest and come out OK. So, my notes indicate not to use a surfactant on brick or stone thats really bad. Does that sound right?

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Since brick is so porous using less surfactant makes it easier to rinse.

Yeah i have two user names trying to just use this one & No I misunderstood earlier . I don’t have a diaphragm system yet just regular downstream 2 pressure washers and I just bought a X jet that’s it so far, I guess that’s my next step, I wanted to be compliant and just bought my reclaim system. Still learning everyday ! whats the most affordable way set up a diaphragm system? All these questions sorry guys just really hungry to learn…