Glass Renew/Opinions

I watched the webinar this weekend and was wondering how it has worked for whoever bought it?
Do you get to use it often?
Normal price of job?

I Use Glass Renu and like it very much. I also went to California for there on site training. The system works amazing. I have used it a hand full of time and got my investment back from just a few jobs. I cant say that im making a living with the system but it has been a great add on service. I bet if i did a little marketing i could be working full time using this system.

Joe Scinta
Clear Vision window cleaning
Buffalo NY

We use ours about one a week… We have used other systems in the past and the GlassRenu blows them all out of the water… They use a different polishing process than the others.

You could actually end up using the thing everyday, Im more in the residential world but we see scratches everywhere… Its just a matter of spotting them and letting the owners know that you can fix them for X.

Take a look next time you see some glass, the most common area on residential is the patio door usually from a dog pawing the back door to get in the house…

The guys at GlassRenu actually did 3 separate complete video series for us at WCR - They cover everything… Pricing philosophy / technique / bidding / and actually going out and getting the work… You can check out the episodes here:

Thanks guys.

Hey [MENTION=6978]Power Washing Cleveland[/MENTION],

Sorry it took me so long to chime in but I hope that Chris and Joe were able to help answer some of your questions. If you have any others, please do not hesitate to ask! You can always reach me at 888-769-0001 or send me a private message, I am more than willing to assist you and anyone else looking to add the service of Glass Restoration to their business.