Glad to be aboard!

Hey Guys/Gals Nice to be on this bulletin board. I already joined the PWRA because I see the advantages it has for my business. Looking forward to posting in here and watching the PWRA grow along the way because of the Hard working guys who started it. Fun to watch and join in on the whole process because it benefits all of us… Real cool stuff.

John Tornabene/Clean County PW

John good to see you over here.

Thanks Clark. Did you go to the ALBANY EVENT this year?? I was so bummed I couldnt make it and I already paid for it but that part I’m glad they gave it away or helped it to defer cost. Matt and Jack I’ve known for years and we have an interesting and rewarding history together.

John I did go to the Albany event. It was great. Looking forward to next years. Matt and Jack are just a wealth of knowledge regarding the pressure washing industry.

Hey John T. Good to see you sir!

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Thanks Mike and Right back at ya.

Yes they sure are… I have this crazy idea and down the road I’ll call Matt and Jack on it to collect some thoughts. Its all fun networking, learning and hanging with these guys.