GL Insurance for sole-proprietors

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Sorry if this is not the correct part of the forum to post this question. I didn’t see a more appropriate one.

As a sole proprietor, I have GL insurance for window cleaning for about $700/year. I’m thinking about adding Softwashing, and asked my agent what that would do to my premium. The response was “$6,500/year.”

I’m a little shocked. That sounds crazy. So, are you guys paying premiums like that? Or is there some kind of miscommunication going on with my agent? To be honest, I didn’t elaborate on the “softwashing” style of the work, instead I just said “I wanna add pressure washing.” Was that my mistake?



I had Nationwide and they dropped me when they figured out I was wanting W/C and pressure washing, but my agent found me a replacement policy before the old one terminated. He’s here in Hot Springs, AR, but the Ins company I have the policy with is out of MN, so he may be able to help you out.

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Check out Joe Walters they are probably the largest insurer of pressure washers in the country.

Hey thanks guys for those suggestions. Those are some good leads.

One more thing, for about $10 per more per month, you can actually be covered! Here’s an article from Joe Walters in Cleaning Magazine: (Don’t know if the link will work, but it will get you to where the magazine is and it is free. Ask about, “Extended Broad Form Property Damage Liability.”

It seems General Liability only covers things you are NOT working on. Example: washing the side of the house and you blow a hole in the siding because you are not softwashing - NOT COVERED. Now in the process, that 4000 psi monster you have hold of blows a rock through the owner’s brand new BMW (couldn’t spell Mercedes)… That is covered under General Liability. With the add-on mentioned above and in this article (Feb/Mar 2011 Edition), you would be covered in both cases.

Well worth looking into! BTW - I was quoted $195 down and $65 per month for pressure washing and I told them I was new with no experience… I wanted the worst they would throw at me. It was from (I’ll describe the logo - I forget the name) the company with the italicised “I” and some sort of bird over it. I know it is a national company. Good Luck.

If you remember the name, let me know or if anyone esle shoud know. I would appreciate it.

I am still looking for insruance. I talked to Walters, as I know he is big in the business but to my amazment, he said they coud not insure my equipment becuase I wass too close to the ocean. I am in an industrial complex about 5 miles from the ocean at an elevation of probably more that 4oo ft above sea level.

Okay, I checked a little closer and I think the symbol I mentioned is for “Independent Insurance Agents.” Here is the web address of the company I talked to. They are in Florida, but they still may be able to help or give you direction.

At the time, I lived about 25 miles from the Gulf… in about 15 days I will be 1/4 mile from the beach… in hurricane land… and they don’t seem to mind! Tell them I got a quote from them about two weeks ago and was so impressed, I shared their info and that I should get a discount!!!