Giving my first roof cleaning quote. What do I need to look for?

Title says it all. I am new to roof cleaning and doing my first estimate this week. What do I look for? What sort of things influence price?

This is a pretty well-pitched roof and I am totally new to roof cleaning.

Any help would be great!

Pitch? Will it be walkable? How Dirty is the roof? How big is the home, ie square feet. Can you hit everything from the ground? Or will it all be done from a ladder? How much vegetation is around the home? Does the home have gutters? All of these things will matter in how you will charge.

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Give me a call and I can explain some of the things over the phone. I service all of the Acadiana area. If you want to talk to someone local about it is be happy to share some tips etc. (As long as I’m not bidding against you in my back yard) :slight_smile: 337-254-9865

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can i give you a call also…this is really something i would love to get some heads up on …thanks

Can call Thursday about 10 am central

LA Pressure Washing LLC
“Taking Pride In What We Do For You”

thank you will be in touch