Give Aways!

What are some goodies that you would like to get at a event as a give away or a grab bag. Please keep in mind that it would probly be about 250.00 or less. Could be shirts,Kindles,Golf Balls some things that are business related!!! Let me know… NOLA is super close and its going to be awesome…

If you’re talking NOLA 2013 giveaways- free bloody marys.

I think a motorcycle would be nice:)

A carribean island would be nice;)


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Ok seriously I like getting shirts. I wear them and it’s cool to see where I’ve gone and people I met by some of the shirts I have. Unfortunately I do eventually ruin almost all shirts I get because I like to tinker with things and the first things that get ruined…are my shirts. So now it’s time to collect a few more:D

T-Shirts are a done deal…what about a surface cleaner?