Geyser from downstream injector nozzle! Please Help

Very first driveway job with a Dewalt DXPW60605 and a Whisper Wash WW2000 (see picture).

Everything going great! Homeowner ecstatic. 2 hours into the job–POP!

A geyser springs (6 feet high) from my chemical injector fitting (see picture).

Anyone know what the heck happened or how I can get running and get back to finish the job and do the ones I have scheduled this week?

Thank You

Is it backwards? Did you check to see which way the flow should go?

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One is none and two is one. Always try to have two of everything.


I don’t know which way that part came out, Dan. The machine was operating great until the geyser.

Right on. Can you please advise on the fastest way to locate and receive the part. Can I temporarily bypass the injector nozzle all together?

Carry 3 spares, they are cheap

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Thank you. What is cheap? What is the part that needs to be replaced? And do you know which way the small part goes in?

Thank you.

  1. You need to have spare injectors on hand. They fail without warning and sometimes when almost new. If at all possible at least 2 spares. Checkout Squid’s post on the stainless steel injectors.

  2. Were you applying SH to the concrete? Yes you can bypass the injector if you don’t need to apply SH or chemicals.


Home Depot may have it since it’s a DeWalt. I just got one of the ones @squidskc did a video on. Looking forward to trying it. Pressure Tek is where I have been getting mine from.

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There should be an arrow indicating direction of flow

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Thank you so much.

Thanks a lot.

I would be more upset about the still dirty driveway than the crapped out injector.


spreading sunshine wherever you go how’s it working out for you?

Which way does the piece go? Which part needs replacing?

Replace the injector. Not parts.

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Thank you. Anywhere to source that locally (town of 50,000)? If not do you have a supplier recommendation with a fast shipping dept?

Thanks again.

I don’t know where you live nor do I do research for those that use vulgarity on a professional forum.

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I apologize. Edited. And thanks again.

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No worries cripes

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