Getting older seems to mean getting slower. Sad but true

I’ve done this job 3 or 4 times now . When I first did the job I could do 10 roofs a day . No matter how hard I try now I can’t get past 8 usually 6. It’s frustrating to realize you have to hire extra help just to be we’re you started.

We’re doing all the tan roofs. A few months ago we did the white ones


Just curious based on your comments, how old are ya?

Hiring hands is not a bad thing, pass the torch to the young guns to do the grunt work and go selling.

Look at this as an opportunity to grow your business.

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39 . I do grow my Buisness every year. But roof cleaning is the part I won’t let anyone else do. Partly because of insurance cost and partly because I don’t want to be responsible for someone getting hurt . Not a big deal on homes like this but I do plenty of 3 and 4 story communities as well . And that’s a whole different ballgame . Adding one person to roof cleaner increases my insurance $14400 per year .

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It sucks. I get tired befit the day is over

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That’s one reason i don’t want to do roofs, it’s a shame to lose so much business but i can’t scale the company with that much liability on my shoulders

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I’m not getting tire I’m just getting slower. . Next week I start another job I’ve done twice before. 399 driveways. Last time it took me 14 days . I’m curious what it’s going to take this time.

I have no choice really. If I want the the other work. Driveways/ sidewalks/ housewashes . I have to do the roof too. Otherwise they will find someone else to do them and that person will
Likely want a shot at the other stuff as well.

Yea that’s right.

I’ve thought about going the whole have a roofer install anchors route, might set us apart and give us more work

I hear you, i just hit 50, but getting older is better than the other option, right?


I wake up tired

That depends on where you’re heading.


Very true

While I do not have experience scaling a power washing business, I can speak to scaling a restaurant business.

At some point, you will have to make a decision. Do you want to grow, can you continue the workload or just stay where you are and perhaps at some decline as you will not be able to do it all?

If you choose to scale, their is pain. From handing the reigns over to someone else, to increased financial situations. Growth is not without pain. Remember when you first stated, how hard you worked for less than you make now? Same thing.

What happen when you choose to scale up, you have to attack the new challenges. Increased insurance due to workers on roof? How do you compensate? Increases prices perhaps. Look how to bulk purchase supplies. Some how, some way, you will find a way to make it work until is works on its own.

It is just a different challenge than the challenge you have today. But don’t let that put fear in you but motivation to find the way.

Every company before you or after who grows to levels you thought we not possible, how did they do it? Without Pain? Without Challenge?

If you need money, find investors. If you need quality help, find them.

You are only limited by what you limit yourself to. If you believe this is all you can do, then YES, you are correct. If you want to achieve more, what is stopping you? Just a challenge to overcome.

You can do it.


I stayed out of the politics, I’m not touching religion either though, lol

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Same here, I’m the only one that touches a roof. I’m always baffled though when I see a well known roofing company with ten guys on a roof with no harnesses…let alone no shirts, working in the same neighborhood

Nobody will ever do the job as good as you, no matter how good they are, you can always find something they missed that you wouldn’t have…no matter how much you train them. Just hired a tech and it’s kind of frustrating.

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