General tx1508 question


Hi everyone, I’m new to pressure washing. I recently got a pressure washer made by Mi-T-M. It’s model number is JP-3003-2MHB and it is mounted to a Honda gx270. The pump that is mounted to it is a general 63 series tx 1508. I have searched and cannot find a replacement pump that looks like the current pump. And I do not know how to tell if it’s the 1” shaft or 3/4” without tearing into it yet. So my question is can any of the experts here point me in the right direction to purchase a new fully assembled pump that I can install on it. Any advice would be nice. Thank you in advance and have a great day.


two options

  1. Pull it of and look
  2. follow this link that two about 7 seconds to type in and see the shaft size of your 270

Most vendors are not going to carry homeowner pumps but this will help you maybe

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