General Pump TSS1511 sight glass cracked (4gpm/4k psi)

Hello to all,

Has anyone had their sight glass for pump crack/break and leak pump oil? I had this happen recently. There was no reason it should have cracked that i can think of. It had plenty of good oil and hasn’t been mistreated, also where it is located, nothing could have it to cause the crack. I might add that the sight glass is plastic(ignorant design if you ask me). The unit had less than 20 hour’s on it and has been properly operated.The technician where i purchased it from said he hasn’t had this problem before. I contacted the manufacturer and they said the same thing, hopefully this was just a flaw/lemon sight glass. I’d hate to be washing and have one fail again and cause a pump to burn up. Any and all opinion’s and help appreciated.

It happens. I keep a couple in each truck. They may last a week or 5 years.

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I’m definitely investing in a few extra doe future caution. You don’t have any idea why this happens? Lack of quality control?

Vibrations. Make sure your machine is mounted on rubber blocks and use an unloader block. Don’t over tighten

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