Gen 2 or Build my own?

I wanted some advise on purchasing the Gen 2 or building my own system. I believe it would be easier to buy the Gen 2 but I think I could build a system cheaper. Any help is welcome. Thank you!

I have the Gen 3 and really like it. I started to build my own but for what all the parts would cost to build a 2 pump system and have it consolidated like this it wasn’t worth the little bit of money that I would have saved. the only thing I don’t like is that the hose reel could be bigger

Thanks for the input. That’s what I was thinking. I would rather spend my time completing job and not building a machine. What was your lead time on your unit?

Gen 2 what? Not everyone is in the know


It normally takes a week or so if there’s not one in stock. I don’t think they make the gen 2 any longer just the 3. I could be wrong. 12 volt pumps are consumable so when these die I’m mounting fat boys in their place for more distance. You’re better off calling Shaun at the Nashville store instead of ordering online. @Infinity the gen 2 and 3 are 12 volt systems sold by power wash stores.

Gen 2 is a 12v system sold by Twin pump unit.

Thanks! I have had trouble getting any answers from online. Left a message and two emails for shipping cost and lead time. I have got no response. How to I find that number?

Thanks, I’ll call him tomorrow.