Gday from Michigan

For those who don’t know me, my name is Cullen Adams…I’m an Australian living in Michigan and Creator of North America’s Premier Pressure Washing Network which launched in May this year and works by exclusively helping one company per major city or zone across North America.

My background is in the Pressure Cleaning industry in Australia and have previously co-created a successful website, which dominates the search engine rankings for the pressure cleaning industry in Australia. I am now solely involved in building a similar website for the North American marketplace.

Good to be here, I hope to make some good working relationships with some of the members of PWR in the coming months/years.


Hey Cullen good to see you here. Welcome to a breath of fresh air. The PWRA is a new association for Powerwashers. If your looking to get some good business discounts check out there membership. Besides that either way it’s good to see you here. Your good for the industry as well. I really dug your post on another bb about being grounded to the earth. That was pretty cool.

Thanks John