Gave "ooshirts" a shot. NEVER AGAIN

We wanted some hoodies quick for a winter wear around. New hoodies and advertisement sounds like a win win! None of the local printing companies would do a small order so i decided to check out “ooshirts” waited about a week and a half for them to come in and got them in a completely different shade of grey so light u can barely see the lettering. I opened a claim with them 2 days ago and just heard back today. There answer was “Well some times the garments can appear a different shade online but we can give you a 20% off coupon on your next order” in which i nicely replied with the fact that I will be doing a charge back on my card and never ordering through them again. I didnt want my money back, i would have gladly sent them the hoodies back and even sent them a little extra if needed to either change the font color or change the shade of grey to darker but that was not an option apparently. STAY AWAY FROM OOSHIRTS!!

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with this being said my lady gave me an idea to “dye” the clothing since i have no other options. Anybody ever tried this? Im thinking about giving it a shot but a little afraid it will also dye the lettering!

That stinks, that’s why I prefer to buy clothing locally

I would have liked too but with such a small order they werent interested. Live and yah learn i guess! Either way i reached out to my financial institute yesterday, they put in a claim but im not sure how far it will go. We will find out in the next 15 days!

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I don’t know about the lettering but if it’s polyester thread it should be ok, or if its screen printed the lettering shouldn’t be affected. I have some black pants that I dye all the time and they come out good. I tried with a yellow shirt once but don’t have much luck with the lighter colors.

i may give it a shot with one of our older shirts. Theyre a vinyl print so im not sure whats going to happen. Id rather try it on something thats trash first!