Gasoline supply

My machine is 13 HP and it drinks gas. It causes me to rush, which is not good, because refilling it requires waiting a short bit because spilled gas is not good by a muffler, or if a backfire occures after you just filled it and spilled some. On the bigger trailer rigs I see where guys have flat low profile gas supply to feed the motor. How do I do that? I have a small enclosed trailer and would like to add say an additional 2 gal tank.

The bigger engines have a fuel pump that draws in fuel & our puny engines are gravity fed. I’ve looked at the way generators are built (large fuel tank on top) & considered rigging up something or even snagging a good deal on a used one to cannibalize for the cause. I’m ready to grab a cold water by the time I run out a GX390 but I still may rig something up soon.

I get about 2.5 hrs from full tank.

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Trying to imagine a scenario where I burn through fuel so quickly that refilling the gas tank is a hinderance.

No clue what your stock fuel tank holds but worst case refill it when it you switch to rinse every couple passes. Get a funnel and pour it in…

I get 2

I wudnt say that drinking gas though… very few house take more than 90 min run time around here.

I do flat work after anything else… refill between house and drive mostly, no issues.

Don’t spill gas while refuelling and you’re golden.

On my GX390 I get about 2-2.5hrs. Don’t need to rush your work, just don’t leave soap on siding while refuelling if it will take you a while to refuel

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You’re just mainly doing drives I thought. There’s not many drives down there that should take 2 hours. You need to speed up, lol.

Get you one of these, works like a charm.


I got lucky & scored some vintage gas jugs without all those dangerous safety features.

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Indeed. We got a bunch of them for demos. One started leaking and they sent a replacement for it. Super great concept and awesome company

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I like these- they pour faster than the Sure Can:

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I do. To me what takes the longest is not really the cleaning, i can actually move the 20" SC at a good pace, its the rinsing and dealing with pooling so often. Right now all the excitment is on getting the 12v system put togeather.

Steve, if you have low spots get you a 12v bilge pump off Amazon. It’ll suck out the water and mud while you rinse. They run about $99.

Those little 13HP hondas drink more than my 24HP Honda by far!