Gas line tape vs Teflon

I was given a box of 20 rolls of this at work from my boss. Will it be ok to use? Anyone tried it?
It feels way better than Teflon and is less likely to flake off. Im liking it alot. Im just not sure if it will be ok with chemicals.



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Heck ya. If its ok to use i probably will never buy the white stuff again.

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On a side note my son is still awake and is loving his new fort.


Ptfe is teflon. If its not too thick, why not.

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Cool didnt know that :+1:

The yellow PTFE is just thicker than the white, otherwise the same. Good for you, you now have a lifetime supply!

On a similar note I will never buy the cheap white tape again. I don’t remember who posted about it a while back but this stuff is worth the money

Blue Monster FTW

Because with only having to use three wraps you can wash a few more houses a week? Give me a break! I pay a dime for each roll straight from China.

Where do you get tefllon tape cheap?

A five pack of teff tape from home Depot cost $5 and lasts 3 or 4 years

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Under a buck for a tube on eBay. Just wait your 4-5 weeks

Actually they come 5 per tube so that makes them .20 cents each shipped

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Exactly! Gives me +1gpm flow as well.

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I gave up on Teflon tape years ago. Went to permatex thread sealant.

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Kerry Gold > Land of Lakes


I eat that stuff straight for a snack. Delicious, even unsalted.

Healthy stuff no lie