Gas Can Explosions

This morning, NBC’s Today Show featured an investigative report on the risk of plastic gas can explosions. Considering that many of our readers use gas cans regularly, I felt it was important to pass along.

The report has found that nearly a dozen deaths and 1,200 injuries due to plastic gas can explosions over the past 15 years. Specifically, the gas cans were more likely to explode when the temperatures were cold outside, there was a low volume of gas left in the can, and the can was tipped at a 42-degree angle. While the gas can industry has not yet confirmed these reports, it is believed by experts that the use of a flame arrestor can also help prevent these accidents from happening.

Gas Can Explosion Investigation on NBC Today Show | eClean Magazine

Interesting info, Allison! Definitely something to keep in mind now that winter’s here.

Thanks for posting Allison, good info!

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