Galvanized Roof Help

Looking for suggestions on how to approach a customer request.

Was called to check out a house to see if I could offer any assistance for some roof cleaning. The roof is 2 years old galvalume, not painted (If that’s possible?). On some of the lower sections of the roof it looks like foot prints from the roofers when they were last on the roof. The roof does not have any growth on it yet. My guess is it is a dirt/residue on their boots from when they were finishing.

So, my plan of approach is to start with some dawn dish soap and a soft brissle brush to start things off. From there I was wondering if a product like simple green or a citrus base cleaner would have any effects on the “foot prints”? I also use Gutter-Butter frequently for gutter brightening, was curious how that would work.

Let me know your thoughts, Thanks!

I think I would hold off scrubbing with Dawn or atleast fi a small test area to make sure it doesn’t remove any finish that may be on there. Any pictures? I would try ds just some surfactant first. Mayble you’ll get lucky.

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Just straight surfactant? I use a 12V system, hand mixing/pouring my batches. What % mix would you use?

Unfortunately I did not get any pictures. The homeowner stated they have been there since construction was completed. Why, they didn’t call the roofer back to clean up their mess is beyond me.

My thought is that if it has stayed their with 2 years worth of rain and snow, it seems like it may be some type of grease, maybe tar on their boots from other shingle roofs they’ve done. I could be wrong though.


The residue on their boots could be a possibility. I think I would walk away in this one. You don’t want to risk removing the coating on the roof and then have rust spots. It’s probably some of clear coat. Maybe call the manufacturer and talk to them. Definitely do a test spot if you decide to give it a go.

Yeah, I’m gonna pass on this one, getting plenty of calls for other jobs now, not worth the hassle.

Thanks for you responses!