Full time pressure washing

Is it possible to be full time doing only residential or is commercial necessary to be full time? Im sick and tired of not seeing my kids. I work 12 hours shifts at miliken operating machines( that make fiberglass products and it gets all over me, my clothes, and families clothes) 3 days a week and 4 days the next week making 13.60 a hour. The other days im pressure washing. I go 4-5 days without seeing my kids and feel like im missing out on alot of them growing up.
The way business is going now i could quit my regular job and be fine but im sure business will slow down july 4th - August and pick back up agian alittle after that then die down around Christmas - April.

I could save now and buy a 8 gpm hot water in 2-3 months or buy another 4gpm and run them together like George did and buy racers PP hot water burner for alot cheaper but dont want to jump the gun on all this. Maybe its just peak season and i have to high of hopes lol.

Start washing trucks. You’ll work weekends and nights but you’ll always have work. I’ve had a weekly account for a year now. My “mentor” has accounts he’s washed for 10-20 years.

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Thought about that when i was first thinking about getting into this business but the more i read on it the less i wanted to do it. I heard it was extremely low pay and you need a expensive setup/ know how to make any money in it. Kind of like IBS and Floridacondo at doing apartments.

My best buddy Mark at Superior Power Washing only does residential. He only works the southern half of our county but runs about 12 guys and 5 trucks


I don’t know we’re you got your intel from but this is my second season as a full time truck pw, this year will be a 6 figure year for us. Me and 1 employee. 3 full days a week and two nights

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Wow must have designated marketing team knocking on doors. My hopes to have one day.

Nice. Im going off what ive read here about truck washing

How did you get into it/ market yourself to get jobs in it? Im serious ibe read alot of horror stories about truck washing.

He started out by himself cleaning gutters with a rent by the day ladder. He built his business like mine, knocking doors. He doesn’t have to advertise anymore or do any marketing.

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I’m peanuts compared to alot on here. But it’s really not that hard if you use more chemicals and machinery than just throw more ppl at it. If I was a young fella like your self,I’d be banking way more. But you know residential, so stick with it and maybe pick up a couple trucks to fill the gaps. Truck washing is pretty much guaranteed, same trucks ,weekly, biweekly

My current jobs have mostly been word to mouth. I didn’t realize how fast that can start working. I thought it would take a few times doing the same house to be effective but i do what i am asked to do and do it good. People twll me that is hard to find nowadays and love it.

My advice, take it for what its worth, be flexible, meaning if you can afford it, get a hot water machine. Then you can do pretty much everything. Cause it seems like your on the fence to what you wanna wash @Grizz

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I am. Obviously i want to wash what will make me the most money with little work but those to dont go together lol. I enjoy residential. Good money, new experience every house and usaully is never terribly hard to blow their socks off. Cons its seasonal. So ill need another source of income when it dies down.

Ricks hot box would be a good option. I considered it but even on the new trailer I’m cramped for space. With hot water you’re a lot more flexible as far as commercial flatwork is concerned. if you’re just cleaning buildings then you don’t need it. I’m about to really start selling commercial flatwork so as to have steady income throughout the winter. One thing I’ve learned that can’t be replaced is time. Once it’s gone it’s gone for good. So enjoy your kids while they’re little


Ya i remember you telling me about that when we chatted. Hows it coming? I remember you didnt care for the hours but the steady money made it worth it. Heck rick landed a sweet job 4mins away from his house washing a commercial frozen custard restaurant like once a week. Super sweet deal.

Me and ecowash chatted about commercial flatwork too. It seems like its good steady money.

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I get asked alot to wash houses. But I have booked way to many clients to do a side hustle these days. Once you’ve committed to a weekly, biweekly hand shake. Your time is tied up. Around here ,word of mouth is everything. No marketing, door knocking, signs, fb,Google etc

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Dont you do only private owners willing to pay more or do you do huge companies that only want to pay $30 a pop?

I’m trying to schedule where I can get up and out the door around 3am and have my day done by 930-10 3 or 4 days per week and have a few smaller projects for gravy money

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