Fuel tank size

About the only thing I can fault my landa for is the size of the fuel tank. I’ve been thinking of bypassing it and going with a different tank. Has anyone tried one of these

How many gallons does the O- Mighty Landa hold ?

Five. I get four or five hours run time. It sucks having to roll up everything and go get gas I get about six hours on my diesel tank

I still use 6 gallon carry jugs for the 390. But I have used the boat tanks from Wally for other things.They Work great

You need a return I’m assuming correct?

Haven’t used that particular one, but have 12 gal low profiles, work great. Plus always have two 5 gl for really long days.

That’s what I was thinking but this tank has no return on it

Does yours have a return

I used them for years

Cut of that return crap in the Honda’s

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They do not.

Just plug the return line??

That all I did. Stupid emissions crap.

Epa, irs and osha =legalized mafia


Yeah ,what he said. It works great @Kps0410. And cheap,cheap, cheap !

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