Fuel tank size for a gx690 8gpm unit?

what’s a good size tank that would get you through a a full 8-10hr day?

13 gal or bigger. Going to burn about a gal/hour

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I have a gx690 and a 12 gallon tank. I usually carry a 5 gal container for backup or to top off if I’m running behind in the morning and dont have time to fuel. I’d probably be happier with an 18 gallon but the footprint more than anything isnt working for me so 5 gallon Jerry jug for the win :joy:

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a gallon an hour huh ?

I feel like mine doesn’t use that much but I always over estimate because I prefer redundancy. I’d say about .5 or .75 for me but ymmv

Got 3 of them. Like clockwork

Yep….same here.

We run a 15 gallon, I think the one on the dual PW truck is maybe 20, but it came with the originally built truck, so I never checked into it (but we run out of water before we run out of gas…)