Fuel Storage

Have any of you guys found any affordable solutions to storing larger quantities of fuel than using multiple 5 gallon containers?

Seems like any container larger than 5 gallons the cost goes up considerably. I am thinking about coming up with a solution to not have to stop at the gas station every day.

Put larger tanks on your Powerwashers. That’s what I did so we can fill up everything at the gas pumps. My Powerwashers have 15-22 gallon gas tanks and my burners are the same with 15-22 gallon diesel tanks. The problem we run into occasionally is the diesel burner tanks. When there running continuously we can go thru them in around 4 hrs so we have a few yellow and blue 5 gallons cans for their refill.

+1 can get bigger tanks for a good price. 15 gallons last, we just make sure to keep a 5 gallon gas can too around just incase.

Great idea, I will keep that in mind for the future!