Fresh wash or roof snot?

What’s everybody using for house wash mix? Is fresh wash better or roofsnot?

We use fresh wash for house mix. Fresh wash and roof snot for roofs. To me they kinda of do two different things.

Fresh wash & simple cherry. Roof snot is made to cling to the roof minimize runoff. You’ll be rinsing for a long time.

FreshWash for houses and we use a home brew for roofs. I have to get around to ordering some roof snot which I hear has great clinging power.

I have been using both mixing them togeather

Simple Cherry.

Simple Cherry with a dash of snot is our new mix. Couldn’t think of a better soap than Simple Cherry, been using it for 6 years now…Wouldn’t use anything else.

ajax dish soap… 2.50 for the large bottles, 1-2 bottles per 100 gallons… cant beat it, cant beat the price, and you would never know what it really is…

I’ve tried most of the popular surfactants including fresh wash, and I say roof snot is by far the best for washing roofs. I like blue voodoo for house washes though.

Yeah I like blue voodoo also

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I have a sample of blue voodoo but ill mess with it over the winter.