Fresh wash foam up

How do you guys keep the fresh wash from foaming over so bad??
I tried bottom filling with a PVC pipe today. Didn’t help.
I have enclosed 6x12 and spray out of drums.
I know soma you guys use gain. Doesn’t that foam up?
How do you deal with this pain in the ass?
I have liked my first
try at fresh wash except for that.

Thanks, Shane

You can pour some Isopropyl Alcohol in there. It will dissipate the foam. F W is the last thing I put in. I don’t get bad foaming.

John Devine.

John’s right. When you’re preparing your mix solution, make sure you’re adding the sodium hypochlorite to water, and then add your Fresh Wash. You should only need to stir the mix for a few seconds to insure it’s totally blended. Hardly any foam or suds if you make your mix this way.

Thanks fellows. Appreciate the input.
Sometimes I have a little solution leftover in the drum that I’m filling
And that is where the foam up problem comes from.
Especially appreciate the alcohol tip. That definitely helped.

Empty that part out into a 5 gallon bucket then add it back to your new mix.

I put it in a spray bottle and spray as needed…

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