Free Terms Conditions

Found this that auto updates your company name into wherever it needs a name and i needed one so figured might be some other people who need one that covers alot of basis for washing.

If I sent that to my customers, I doubt any of them would sign up. Depending on where you are, would you agree to all that. That’s about 10 times longer than IBS apartment contract probably, lol.


I plan on using pieces of it to make my own but its a good starting point to cut and paste with


Does anyone else see the irony in this being posted here lol

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not sure about the irony of it…but pretty sure ours is a bit longer.

A few things on T&Cs though:

  1. No one reads them
  2. If they become relevant, you likely have larger problems to deal with
  3. If you have to invoke them, you’re probably looking at a catastrophic (as in “put you out of business”) kind of situation, otherwise you’re not standing behind your work
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Thank you. I can use pieces of this!

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Good stuff :slight_smile: