Free Ladder Safety Infographic

In my research on ladder-related injuries today, I came across this infographic. It was published in September 2012 and is based on numbers in the U.K. (I haven’t found anything this good for the U.S. yet.) Despite the fact that the numbers came from overseas, the point remains he same: customers who take on ladder-related cleaning jobs – such as DIY gutter cleaning – are putting themselves at risk. It seems to me like it could be a valuable tool to stick in your marketing materials or post on your website. It’s free to copy and use. I’ve put it on our website with the embed code (go to Free Ladder Accident InfoGraphic | eClean Magazine for the embed code. It’s at the bottom of the post below the graphic.) Turn it into a blog on your website if nothing else.

Also, I found a site you can watch videos on types of ladders and then take a test and get certified. I took the articulated ladder course in 25 minutes, and had my cert in another 10. Would be great for all employees to take these in the down time.

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