Found random parts. Need to sell

I found all this in a box in a closet. Would like to sell it. I guess the ball valve might be the only thing anyone really wants, but other random parts in there too someone might want. Not sure what a fair price is, but if you want it please just make me an offer that’s fair and it’s yours. I’m near nashville



Just to get the bidding started - I’ll go $65

Okay sounds good to me Rick. I can mail it to you tomorrow. Want to PM your address??

See if someone else wants them first. I’ll take them for that but someone may pay more. If no one wants by tomorrow evening, shoot them to me. What size machine is the turbo nozzle for?

$64. I’m in it for Racer to win it.


Any markings on turbo for the orifice size

I’m just buying it so I can send you the ball valve with swivel so you’ll have one like all the cool kids, lol.


Now that’s funny.



$66 - ala Price is Right! j/k, Racer can have it.