Fort Myers, Florida, Motivated Pressure Washing Company (NEWBIE)

Hey guys! My name is Lance Hastings and I am a new business owner. I started my business with a Honda Excell machine and I have acquired a Dewalt 4200 now too. I have been reading a lot of the info on the net and here about various parts of the PW business. Right now I am just struggling with Marketing. I am not sure of percentage I need to put back into to stay busy full time. I wanted to touch base and introduce myself mainly though. I look forward to reading your guys info and take heed to the practices. Thanks for letting me be here.

Hi Lance, Welcome to the PWR forum. We put twenty cents on the dollar into marketing when we were just starting out. That number goes down as time goes by. You could certainly do a smaller percentage, especially since you are in a market that is much more active than western Maryland.

Thanks for the advice. I was really fruitful for the first month. Bad business practice cause I did not invest, I am feeling the effects now. I appreciate the advice and from now on I will definitely keep that in mind.