For Sale: Hot Water Machine

Taking highest offer on a 2011 Envirospec Super Skid by Allison Iron Horse, Horizontal Adjustable Temp Burner (kero/diesel), Vanguard 18hp (unleaded), 5.2gpm, 3500 psi, custom upstream chemical injector, custom source manifold, residential top fill with automatic cut-off, 3 inch bottom fill from hydrant, heavy duty 370 gal low profile water tank, custom aluminum cradle. Plus all my guns, hoses, tips, etc. I spent $7k when building this rig in October 2011. I have all the receipts.

Must be able to pick it up in Scottdale, PA. Some assembly required.

Upstream injector? As in before the pump?

Lets see travel, plus I have to out it Together? Ill give you 400 bucks. So far looks like highest bidder. :smiley:

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Yes. Flitered chem line, quick disconnect, Adjustable flow valve, check valve (to prevent back flow), ball valve (on/off). I’ll ad a link to a picture shortly.

Hey! Interested in your set up - please contact me @ bikeand pa d d le @ gmail with pictures. Also have a few questions. Thanks!



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