For New guys and Seasoned Business Owners

This is something that happens often but when it does it is highly annoying. When another business owner calls they always just start asking questions on how to clean stuff, what we use and so on and so on. This in itself is fine but please use some etiquette.

Start by introducing yourself then asking if the person your calling minds helping you out. Don’t start by saying we are all supposed to help each other out and then never even introduce yourself or say the name of your business and just keep hammering that other people call you all the time.

I am more than willing to help anyone out but don’t be an as* about it. Introduce yourself explain your situation then I will be more than willing to help you out even if you are my competition.

Also don’t try to insult me by being condescending either when I wont help you out because I have no idea who you are…

Lastly don’t use enzymes to clean roofs.


And don’t get butt hurt if you call at 10am and I’m on a ladder or have soap drying on a house and I can’t talk right then. Just send me a text with your name, phone number and what it’s about and there’s a real good chance I’ll get back to you that evening. If it’s an emergency send ‘Need help quick’ with the above info and I’ll do the best I can to get back to you quickly.


And you usually do and thank you again lol


Always for you. You’re one of the few on here that can understand my accent plus you’re gaining on me age wise every day. :grin:


I’m feeling it after today. been cleaning hud apartments with lots of chewing gum on the steps and breeze ways. 106 heat index spraying 180 degrees of hot water. someone really liked hubba bubba grape lol. After this I’ll look forward to another stucco shopping center. I’ve been enjoying starting at 6AM and being home by 10AM

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That was my day today. I love commercial days. Started at 6:30 and was done by 10. Went and browsed thru TSC across the street, gave a quote, came home at 12ish, took shower and went to my favorite pub for lunch. Home by 2:30 and took an hour long nap with cat. (Well it took about a 5 hour one) Now wasting time on here and sending out invoice for this am. Perfect day.

But I’ll pay the price tomorrow, got to finish fence project that @Grizz and I started last week. No shade at all and it’ll be a long day. These people have miles of fencing that’s nasty. And that darn Grizz slacking tomorrow working his regular job.


Maybe he can get into this fulltime. I have 5 more buildings to knock out tomorrow then I’m done until Saturday morning. I’ll work next Monday night and then make sales calls and demos the rest of the week.

Im over here buying you some chems for cheap @Racer. No slacking here.

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What is that

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@Grizz I’ll take some cheap chems :star_struck:

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Actually in your line of work both of these will be great for you. I dont use ethier one of these that much.

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