Flyers v Business Cards

Just wondering what opinions are out there when it comes to business cards vs flyers. I am looking to print either 1000 of each and hand them out over the next 2 months or so. I just started my business and I am running it solo right now, I am simply trying to get my name out there. I know there are other ways to get your name out too and I plan on doing those but I am wondering for this if y’all found more success with business cards or flyers. At the moment, the cost difference between them to me is irrelevant, I’m just wondering what y’all have had more phone calls from?

I know there is a post on here similar to this but that one deals more so with magnets and door hangers, I’m just looking at standard business cards or flyers, unless y’all think magnets work better than both.

I appreciate any comments!

When I first started, I used a quarter sheet flyer with a basic message like, Pressure Washing Special, Driveway, Sidewalks, Walkway $______
Use the bottom half for your business name, phone, email, whatever. I had them printed on regular paper and cut at Staples or Office Depot. Just walk the neighborhoods and write in whatever price you want to charge for each driveway. Out of 200 flyers, I would usually get at least 3-4 calls within a day or two, another 3-4 within a week and after that it would be random calls from people saying they got my flyer months ago and need my service now.
If you show up and act professional, do a really good job on the driveway, they almost always ask for a price on something else. It may not always be immediate, but I still have a ton of repeat clients from those first flyers I put out 9 years ago. I’m not sure how to post a sample of the flyer on here, but I would be happy to email it to you.
Go ahead and print business cards too. I gave each customer 10 cards to hand out, and you will always have people stopping by asking for a card.


I like that a lot, I appreciate your reply. I had been considering writing down prices on each flyer too, I figured I’d have a higher call rate if they don’t need to reach out to me for a quote. Thanks!

I wouldn’t mind having a template emailed to me @RiverviewPC if that was ok with you. Have printed up some business cards but really want to put my name out here in the next few months.

You need both.You need to print atleast 10k door hangers and 1,000 business cards.
I do a lot of door hangers and it work great for me,but I just spread door hangers in high and mid income neighborhoods,don’t waste on low income neighborhoods.
Business cards are to give to people when you meet them,wether in a store,meeting or anything.