Flyer, Door to Door, etc... How to best target areas of quality perspective clients?

Hey guys! Any suggestions of how (ie. real estate/map matching or driving around aimlessly) to efficiently target the best areas or neighborhoods for door to door, flyer, etc advertising??? Thank you for responding.

Google Maps

@Max1 what do you look for within google maps?

Just look for neighborhoods with the most homes for sale. Everyone wants a shiny home for the picture


Pools lol


I dont waste material on houses that dont keep their lawn up


If you use the eddm site from the usps they have have an interactive map which displays demographic data. Such as the avg household income. I use that and google street view to view the homes.


@John_Martinez Perfect thank you for USPS EDDM tool. Exactly what I was searching for.

The best ROI (return on investment) of all my marketing, especially when I target an area is the yard sign. You want a clever angle? Clean the neighborhood’s marquis and place your sign beside that freshly cleaned marquis. THEN, use @John_Martinez recommendation (Howdy, John) and mop up.EDDM and yard signs scream success to the neighborhood. Failing the expense of EDDM? Clean the marquis and then go knocking on doors until you have 3-5 yard signs near the entrance(s).


@MrSparkleVA Ohhhh I get it now, the marquis is the brick thing that says the developments name!!! Amazing idea, I love it. Thanks a mil!

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Markete has a way to target areas of interest. Open up the marketing secrion in markate and play with it. Its pretty cool.
Its called customer finder 360


Ahhh @Grizz thank you so much.

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This software has more layers than a 10 lb. onion, right @anon56568109