Flow unloaders, where have you been all my life?

Got a k5 unloader installed on my washer the other day. What a different experience:

That nice, slow buildup of pressure when you squeeze the trigger, instead of that kick you have to either brace for, or carefully squeeze the trigger slowly.
No pressure in the lines, so they’re easier to maneuver, and I don’t have to keep the trigger pulled when I shut down the machine.
Just… what a difference :grin:

Oh, while I was at it, I finally installed my unloader block. Nice for peace of mind.


Nice to know, thanks for sharing. Just added this to my list of things to add!

Agreed! I put a K7 on a new pump I had to plumb and I love it. The first time I pulled it I thought something was wrong.

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This sounds interesting. That initial blast does suck and you have to be mindful of what you are point at

People claim k7 unloaders are finicky in ten years I’ve never had any problems until they get 5 or 6 years old

K7 unloader is a fine piece of equipment :+1::+1:

Good for you. Whats the difference between the k5 and the 57? Have you noticed any issues when using a turbo nozzle. Sometimes it takes forever (well maybe 15-30 sec) to get spinning properly. I never had that issue before I installed the k7.

I have come to embrace the kick back. I use the pressure build up to get soap on the very tall Chimneys.

But you sold me on the K5 unloaded.


I used it to knock down a wasps nest the other day thinking it would kill them all. Tremendous mistake. Lol


I think the flow unloaders beat up our hoses less.


:+1: it beats up everything less


Turbo not a problem k5 is rated at 3k with 3/4 bypass port K7 rated 3600 with all 3/8 ports

We’re most have problem with a k7 is they put to big of a bypass hose if u put a 1/2 in the bypass hose and the washer hose will jump bad every time u let of the trigger if u reduce it to a 3/8 u will not have a problem some even us 1/4 in bypass hose

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That is an entirely new thought to me. I put a 5/8” garden hose on my k5, thinking bigger was better (less restrictive, less turbulence going into the tank). Haven’t noticed any unusual behavior in my pressure hose, though the bypass hose does try to jump out of the top of the tank where I put it. Had to ziptie it in place.

Edit: I guess my pressure hose does jump a bit when kicking into bypass. But it’s less noticeable than with my trapped pressure unloader. Maybe I would get even smoother performance out of the k5 if I switched to 3/8”?

I run 3/8 on my k7 with my 8.5 machine.


How does it work with a turbo nozzle?
When you first pull the trigger?
Video pls

You are right the water going in the tank will have a little more pressure but not a big deal unless u have a very small tank u will be amazed at the difference it makes I have a 8.5 gpm like racer and 3/8 is the sweet spot 3/8 worked good on my 5.5 gpm too

The same the Pressure just comes on a little slower by that I mean like 1 second. There is just no sudden burst


I agree - they are awesome, been using them for over 10 years. My current machines have a K9 and K1 - they do need to be lubed (with silicone grease) regularly, and as others have noted, there can be issues if the back pressure on the bypass hose is too little - I have a ball valve on the K9 to adjust if needed.
The extra cost is worth it.

Please elaborate. I am about to attempt this next week. I plan on spraying them with sh from a distance and then finishing them off with pressure.