Florida area

Hey guys new to the pressure cleaning business but i have a couple of questions about this site.

  1. I’ve noticed that this site is mostly about business in the NE. I know that cleaning there is problably different than cleaning in Florida.

  2. on some of the threads I hve noticed that thier are alot of abberviations is there a list so I can reference them.

  3. Of what I’ve read this site is pretty informative

KJC Enterprises LLC

Hey there. I too, when first joining the message board, had a lot of questions as to what abbreviations stood for amongst others. I then began to search terms and certain abbreviations that I had questions about and learned a few things. The next thing I did, which I highly recommend, was joined the PWRA and the wealth of available knowledge was amazing. Lots of guys here are from the north east, but just as many from the south as well. Search a little and see what you can find.

Clay Doggett
BLUELINE Pressure Washing

Plenty of Florida cleaners here. I’m the cutest :o

Andrew Walker might be the cutest but have you ever, in your whole adult life, seen someone get told to use the search button in a kinder, more gentle way than Clay just did?

Clay Doggett, you are my hero. If Thad needs any instructors for the Nashville convention next year, I nominate you to teach a class on “Bulletin Board Etiquette”.

Happy New Year everybody!