Fleet wash gun

Hey all,
I am going to be gaining some contracts with fleet. A buddy of mine has a system that works perfect for him and I’m trying to figure out how he does it. I have a similar setup except I can only apply the soap at a low pressure. I would like to apply the soap with more pressure. How would it be possible? The picture listed is my current set up. I have 2 chem lines running with my pressure hose. A three way ball valve puts me from both chems to the rinse. With the low pressure, it takes longer, and I still hard to get to the high spots. What am I doing wrong with my gun?? Thanks


So if I replace my current injector, bought at northern tool, and use this high pressure injector, it will alow me to spray soap on with a white tip?

No idea ask @Racer @squidskc

Ask @dperez. He seems to be the fleet expert

You shut your mouth lol