Flat work during the winter at what temps?

For you fellow northerners at what temps will you pull your rigs out to do flat work? Do you have a strict temperature policy for employees to follow?
We don’t run a strict temperature policy. We have the captain of the rig make the call. We base the decision on the ground temperature prior and post service and the ambient temperature. If the ambient temperature is above 32 rigs can roll. Every once in a while we have to pull off a job because temps are too close for freezing. The freedom for each rig captain to make the call helps them push to get work done. No work no $$. Safety is always a main factor and icing is nothing but bad news.

We have been discussing this policy and want to find out what other companies do. Thanks

Hey Jared- my oldest commercial monthly account is in Manhattan for over 13 yrs now. If we don’t get the Job done then the PM doesn’t get paid. Except for a few months during 9-11 we haven’t missed a single month servicing this acc’t. Not even hurricane Sandy caused us to miss this account.
The beauty of this account is I get to pick any day during the month to clean it. Knowing that Hot water freezes faster then cold water our policy is to make sure any Flatwork we clean it’s not freezing out and it won’t be freezing for at least an hour or two later.

I can tell ya years ago while servicing a BestBuy store in queens not only did I freeze up the walk way but the water that flowed out on the street caused a skating rink at this intersection. That Job because it was 5am when done I thought for sure either I was going to cause an accident or someone was going to fall on walkway. Never heard anything on that so I go lucky.

As long as it isn’t freezing out while cleaning and it won’t be freezing for at least a few hours later then we go. The warmer the better but don’t let your guys take an unneeded risk that will cost you in the end.

[MENTION=5616]Jared[/MENTION] Hey Jared, We had a near tragic ice up at a hospital in Florida. It was warm enough when we started but the temperature dropped pretty quickly and the guys didn’t realize for a bit that the water below them was freezing. They were in a lift. Fortunately caught it prior to something serious happening, but I would definitely error on the safe side temperature wise. It seems each location would be different depending on traffic/foot traffic the area gets as well as how well the water is draining off verses pooling, so probably a case by case situation.

WOW. You dont hear much of that “freezing in Florida” :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys. Yeah Tim we have been fortunate. A few years back I turned about 10,000 sq. ft of parking lot into an ice rink! The crazy part was the temps all said I would be ok. Sometimes you miss judge. Fortunately it was not in use at the time. We keep safety a top priority so we have been fortunate. With the way this winter is shaping up I see pushing the envelope is going to be a danger.

Are you all getting hit pretty hard up there? What do you stay busy with when it cools down?

We had a cold snap of about 10 days that pushed the temps below freezing until after 11 AM every day. We ran our rigs around the clock when the weather broke to catch up on restaurant work. We stay busy through the winter with the commercial windows and power washing. It slows a little but not enough! It isn’t the worst of problems. I wouldn’t mind taking the winter off to do something else for a few months though!

Any other thoughts on minimum temps for going out or other procedures for systematizing the decision making?