Flat bed truck setups with covering?

Wanting to build out a F350/450 flatbed but nowhere to store inside. I’m in Florida so more concerned about sun/rain protection. Did anyone do a build with this protection in mind? Pics please.

You may want to search truck builds in the search bar. So many builds on here. There are also van builds, trailer builds, and box truck builds you can get ideas from.

I get tons of ideas on here by searching and seeing what others have done, then someone comes along and improves on someone else’s idea and posts it. There are some very creative minds on this forum.

Thanks. My problem is I live in a HOA. Can’t have trailers in drive or street. Garage too small. Think I could get away with flatbed in driveway but want to protect equipment from elements. I also like the access of flatbed and box truck would probably be frowned upon. Lastly…no my wife does not want to move.:laughing:

Bring it somewhere that does custom boat covers. They should be able to fit you with a cover for everything

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Great idea! Thanks