Fixing shooter tip?

My brass LP jrod nozzle got a nick somehow and it has been throwing out a ‘modified V pattern’ instead of a tight stream. Would a few strokes of a flat file or sandpaper fix that?

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Don’t see why it wouldn’t as long as you can file the nick out. I’m sure you could file or grind the whole end flat again if need be. Might as well give it a try.

I’ve always figured a dremel with a sand bit would smooth out my j rod stream. Never taken the time to try!

I used to port and polish engine heads with a dremel back in high school. You could take out rough casting bumps easily.

They only cost about three bucks each I’ll buy a couple dozen every year

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Yeah this one was more like $25 IIRC.

I’ll do a bit of work to it.

If using sand paper, take the workpiece to the paper on a flat surface. You’ll get better results that way. Looks like an easy fix.

I’d stick it in the end of a drill , spray some adhesive on the back of the sandpaper, throw it on the workbench, and go to town.

Roger that. File, sanding drum, progressively finer grit, turned out nice and sharp-edged.

On a side note, and this is controversial, is there an extended high pressure nozzle as well? I did have to use mine on metal gutters but half of the water just fanned out into spray.

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Much better.

Now here is the HP tip that I was talking about.

This tool is great for that kinda stuff


Bunch of tip swichers :kissing_heart:


I don’t know about anyone else here but the edging (or lack thereof) on your yard makes me physically ill.


I normally do it myself but we have a guy that does front and back mowing for $30 during the hot months.

Don’t fret, I’ll break out the edger soon.:laughing:

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Wait. You PAID someone to leave your yard like that? This just gets worse and worse.

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That’s like paying for a haircut and not getting your neck fuzz shaved.


I pay a man $20 to cut my yard and it is always terrible. You get what you pay for :joy::joy::joy:.


He’s older in his 60’s, I’m not worried about it. Just glad I don’t have to be out in this heat mowing for an hour.

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I don’t know how the lawn guys keep it going in the heat. At least we can get some overspray and keep cool if needed.


I did grass cutting for 3 years. Was working in 100 degree weather with no dhade and a coworker pulled a bottle of water on his head straight out of the cooler poured it on his head, took 2 steps and felll over limp. For some reason the ice cold water made him pass out. He was fine after that though he also hadnt ate all day