Fiverr Logo Designer?

Anyone have a recommendation on Fiverr logo designer? Thanks!

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Now hopefully you understand you get what you pay for at fiver. Lots of those guys are not local or on our hemisphere… but doesnt mean its a bad thing. I done transactions with them before and its worked out BUT you do get what you pay for. Ill recomend you this website. MIGHT be more expensive but you will get your moneys worth and they gurantee work, the more money you put up the better quality you will get. My 2 cents

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Sorry forgot to link it lol

I definitely understand the cheapest options aren’t the best. Seems like $50 and up gives some good options.

Yeah with these guys if you put up 150$ for a logo design its not bad. Hence why i said them not being north american its not necesserally a bad thing… its just more money you put up, the better quality designers you will get which in turn mean BETTER QUALITY DESIGNS

I used karuzone for my logo and was satisfied. Paid around $30 I think.

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Heres my new go to guy
Hes done 2 projects for me one beening very difficult and it was a custom invoice. Couldn’t be more pleased
Good English, fast and very responsive.


unique_design1 I think is what his name is. I’ve used him for all kinds of stuff and have been very happy. I’m biased but my Holiday Heroes KC logo is my favorite logo of all time.


Thanks for the recommendations. You guys are awesome! :+1: