Fittings needed for 2315?

I did a search, couldn’t really get a bead on what fittings are needed for the Suttner 2315 I’m ordering.

While I’m at it, what wand should I look at for my XJet M5? I’ll be modifying it so probably just need a bare one.

3/8 on bottom, 1/4 on top, same as any trigger gun. You don’t need a wand


Any stainless lance will be fine, itll more than likely have Male 1/4 threads on each end. You’ll need a 1/4 double female brass coupler as well as a double Male 1/4 brass nipple to set it up. Then just screw the m5 twist nozzle onto the business end of the lance. Size is preference in my opinion … you dont need much, so anywhere from two tree feet should be fine for that mod your going for… Good luck.

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Double female, double male??? What kind of stuff are you into bro? You have nipples and couplers, you will then have male and female nipples and male and female couplers.

Female both ends

Here’s something odd.

I took the M22 male connector off my 16" storebought wand and tried to thread on the Hansen connectors to make an Xjet mod, but they wouldn’t thread. Are they not NPT?

No, they are m22