Fitting problem

I was hoping for some help here. I installed a new unloader and for some reason I am having issues with the fitting leaking at the pump outlet. I tried a brass nipple, a galvanized nipple and now a hex nipple made for hydraulic fittings and they all leak at the point where the nipple goes in to the pump. When I try tightening them down more they break off, even the hydraulic fitting. Should I be using something else?

Thanks for your help!


The head isn’t cracked, is it?

Not on this unit - I only used the picture for reference, but I am thinking now that the threads are banged up on the one I’m having issues with.

If the threads are screwed up, you may never get a good seal. You might have to change the head.

what kind of thread tape are you using? I have heard that the cheapo thread tape is no good. R you possible over tightening it? Just my 0.02 cents… Hope it helps

Yup same thought Russ has and he’s the master at fixing equipment and selling you the right parts as well.
You should have zero leaks there. Also it can be dangerous if that unloader dislodges itself due to poor threads being involved.
A few yrs ago I had an unloader take off like a bottle rocket and shoot @ least a 100’ in the air due to bad thread as well. It scared the bejesus out of me and it was super dangerous shooting past me like that.

Don’t mess with things that are under pressure such as your pump. Better safe then sorry.

@Steve I’ve had this problem over the past few weeks. My nipple keeps breaking off at the unloader. Never had this happen before. Pump is brand new. What did you do to resolve?

Why type of metal nipple are you using? Did you have problems with yours leaking or just breaking off?

You cannot go very far into the head, just fyi. Theres a ridge in there. The ridge is part of the check valve casting.

Installed an unloader block. Had to get a new pump the threads wear damaged.

Been using Brass. It will start leaking and then when I got to take off it will break off. Both that pump and unloader are new.

Brass is a really soft metal. It doesn’t take much to over tighten it and severely weaken it. After that the vibration finishes it off. I’d definitely do what @Steve recommended and get an unloader block if you haven’t already.

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If, for some reason, you don’t want to use an unloader block (you really should use one), then try using a stainless hex nipple.

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