First soft wash done!


Thank you to all who helped me with equipment choices and chem ratios, did my first house soft wash yesterday. It was primarily one side of a house and a vinyl chimney so nothing crazy but still a little nerve wracking.

Everything went smoothly, might have added a bit too much soap but rinsed off easily enough even with my 2.5gpm machine. I did almost have a heart attack when I went back to have one last look before leaving, a couple large, rust colored stains appeared on the off-white siding. Got up there with my ladder and noticed these small holes on the underside, possibly for drainage? Apparently some dirt got packed underneath, so when water was shot upwards the dirt ran out through the holes and spread across the outside.

Thankfully it wiped off, thought I had stained it somehow.


I am a newbie too. I’ve found it’s pretty common to get a ton of dirt from behind some areas of vinyl siding.


the more you can stay 90 degrees to the work, the less water you get under there to wash it out


Also helps to pay attention to how the siding overlaps


Same exact thing happened to me. It just would not go away, id rinse, and it woukd keep coming back. I just had to come beck the next day when it dried, and rinse again.