First Round Logo Drafts - What are your thoughts

Hey, I’m getting ready to start investing a lot of money in my Brand. I’m just not feeling it with current logo and would appreciate your thoughts. You may recognize the house with drop from bermudaone designs. I asked him if he was OK with me pursuing it and he said he was. Anya and Tim Fields are waiting on me LOL

I like both number ones. I also like the outlined lettering in the second number 6. One thing I would caution you on… don’t go to small on the word powerwashing. Washing is small on my logo and it’s the first thing you don’t see on signs etc.

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[MENTION=8306]Mike K[/MENTION] … Thanks for your thought and yes I want the wording bigger on both lines. I would like both lines together to be the same height of the house. I maybe be anal LOL

I like #6.


Hey–That looks like the PWRA logo, we need to show this to Chris so we can collect a grand…lol
I like the #6 here also. Those are some pretty cool color coordinations.

Which number 6 on the first card or second. I like the one on the first but don’t thing it will work with the trailer signs Tim is making for me

Anyone else got any comments?

I like #1 on the first one and #6 on the second one. I am liking the contrasting fonts and or colors for the name

2nd card #6

[MENTION=2754]John T.[/MENTION] the wording with the different colors, the logo or both. I kind of like the HamptonRoads line but not the house in the water drop