First Roof With Fresh Wash

We did a 5500 square foot moderately stained roof in less than two hours Tuesday.
Even I was impressed.

We cut down the mix to a quarter sodium hypochlorite (we usually have to go at least a third if not half) so we used about 15 gallons for 60 gallons of mix and it cleaned like crazy. We had hardly any touchups which saved a ton of time.
It was a neighborhood of old people and not only did we not get the usual complaint about the smell, but immediately got one job off of it and expect to do a few more in that area.

I think I’m sold.

Good stuff.

Are you guys using the lemon scented or original?

I used the lemon scented but I didn’t say it because I thought it was stil in beta testing.
Hint, hint.

I haven’t tried “Fresh Grandma” yet but I’m ready to.