First Rig advice & some clarification

I’ve read a bunch on here and trying to get some final clarification. I’m wanting to do mainly commercial flatwork, dumpster pads and fast food concrete. Looking at 8 gpm machines and hot water. Options include but not limited to #1 Hot water skid, #2 cold water unit and separate hot box. @Racer - I’ve watched your vids and read your posts saying to get 3500psi. If I understand this means to NOT get the Pressure Pro that has a 110 generator as I will rob power and reduce psi. Do you guys recommend that I go with a 110v separate burner. I have a local Landa dealer that I will go visit tomorrow and see how their pricing is. If they are too high priced I will be pulling the trigger via an online company in the next 2 weeks. Thank you all for everything!

Landa is arguably the very best hot water rig on the market. They will be priced accordingly. If you could find a used one that may be a viable option. Otherwise you may die of sticker shock.

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Thank you for the response. Some have complained about the non-Landa burners not getting hot enough or as hot as the Landa. If my primary focus is dumpster pads and greasy areas do you think that I can justify the Landas price difference?

@Kps0410 is the man with the answers for your line of work. Check out his new setup.


I can never view any of the posted pics. Do you know if I need to be granted some additional access on the forum?

In my experience, anything over 140 does about the same but I’ve never washed a dumpster pad so maybe they are different. I’ve cleaned up oil based drilling mud at 140 and worked like a charm. I have no clue what guys charge to do drive thrus and dumpster pads so I can’t help you there sorry. @Jordie does a lot of that type of stuff too I believe.

I just keep the dial at 150 degrees.

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Others may disagree but I prefer 5.5gpm. Less water runoff to possibly deal with

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How do you deal with runoff? Cover drains and redirect or do you reclaim?

Sites acting funny right now but they are working on it. It should be fixed soon. Im sure Kenny will post later when he sees the tag. He has one of the best setups i have seen for your line of work. Wish i could remember the name of his thread.

I’ve had a couple of the landa 5gpm units the past year I’ve had one pressure pro 8gpm unit and a nilfisk magnum 8gpm and had intermittent burner problems with both. each would get hot then cool down during use. and about every 20 hours pop the burner fuse in the battery box. I had the opportunity to get a landa pgdc8 and jumped on it. ran it all weekend and it was a noticable difference. tomorrow night I’ll be popping gum and cleaning dumpster pad all night. landa is a little more expensive but in the long term it’ll cost less. my plan for next year is to get an slt model on the front and put this one on the back of the trailer. I’m gearing up to work myself into commercial only and send residential to a friend in the area. I wish I had gone ahead and coughed up the money to begin with and went with a landa or at least a alkota. A good degreaser is also your friend. I like f9 double eagle. it’s a little high but does a good job



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OK, I will see what Landas prices are like. I expect them to be high, but not sure how high. Thank u!

Do you reclaim, filter and then discharge on site? If so what system are you using? Any recommendations?

I have a separate generator for my hotbox. Didn’t know having the generator as part of the skid affected performance any. 90% of the time I don’t run my generator, I just plug into customer outlet with drop cord.

$9000 dollar area for a 5.5 gpm @ 3500 psi. I just priced one out 3 weeks ago.

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I’m not stating that it’s the generator that is taking power and reducing power, I thought that’s what I had read somewhere on here.

I’ve pretty much just discharged on site into the landscaping. I just got a unit for filtration for reuse. I haven’t tried it yet but will tomorrow night. I will only reuse if I can’t discharge on site or limited water supply. I prefer 12 volt systems. they’re simpler and yes it does rob a small percentage of power with an on board generator but not a noticable amount. some people don’t like 12 volt systems but I’ve never had any issues with them. My 8gpm landa was around 8000.00 I felt like it was a fair price. where are you located?

If you’re near GA and end up going with a 5.5 gpm, I’ve got a dang near new hotbox I’ll sell ya for pretty cheap. @Grizz if you’re still trying to decide on a hot setup too, I could meet about halfway. Want it out of my garage lol. Might buy my kids a lil 2 seater go kart to run em around the yard in once I sell it.

I’m in Las Vegas, NV. I read somewhere on here someone that is a regular poster and they stated it was the 120 volt generator that robbed the power and that the 12volt charging system doesn’t really affect the engine enough to lower the psi. I’m torn as I like to buy high quality but also don’t like to over pay. We don’t have much/any grass around to discharge to. Not sure if the greasy discharge would stain or make a mess or light colored 3/4" landscape rock.