First Residential Job

We will be all ready to Rock and Roll starting tomorrow.

Here is a picture of our Truck and Trailer.

We have not even advertised yet, except for word mouth, somehow someone heard about us and called and we booked a job for saturday to do a 6000 sq foot house.

Just today got a call for surface cleaning for a driveway, normally we would sell a driveway as an add on service. I quoted our min charge to pull the truck out and explained they would get more bang for the buck if they did the house and driveway due to the costs of setting up and packing up our equipment. Ended up selling them a complete housewash and driveway cleaning.

Good luck to you Heroes…our first house took much longer than expected but with practice and experience and forums like this make life easier for sure.

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That’s a nice looking setup, enjoy the first job. I was so excited to get my first driveway I didn’t even think of trying to add on a house!

We are not trying to set any speed records for these jobs, just get them done and done right in whatever time it takes and use it as a learning experience to apply to the next job. After a few it will be easy to see what can be changed to speed up the process so that we can maximize time and make more per hour.

Nice looking truck man, just having that lettering on there will make you some money.
Also, smart thinking on not trying to set speed records.
Right now you just need to be getting comfortable with your machine and making the customer happy.
I’ve come a long ways since 2012, but I’m still learning new things as I go.

Hero, what size trailer?

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I am going to post some better pictures of the trailer when we get a chance.

14’ Dual Axle, 4.8 GPM, 3000 psi Hot Water, 275 Gallon Water Tank. Goal is to grow the business and move the water tank up and put another washer in the back.

Best of luck Heroes. Awesome that you’re booking jobs already!

heroes…all the best to you

if i may ask…what would be entail in the service you providing to wash the house…great start by the way

tiger pressure wash

i am with you…i felt more confidence and did much better with my time the more jobs i got