First PWRA Event/ Convention

So we are looking at having the first PWRA event/convention someplace central and easy to get to.

Maybe Nashville?

Who all is interested in coming and what would you like to see covered?

Depends on the time of the year for us. Maybe a poll wouldn’t be a bad idea to see what Months work best for most-- Buts that’s not what your asking here soooooooo
Here is a few things I would like to see at these events and since the PWRA is different then most I’m gearing my answers that would relate to this association.
1- A marketing session. The latest info on marketing, some cutting edge idea’s for Marketing that are proven to work,PWRA’s membership benny’s for marketing and go into that a little bit more there in person. Basically Marketing Marketing and some more Marketing.

2-break out sessions like mini roundtables for guys in certain areas that are close to each other to talk about there markets and have them network with each other because it’s a good way to make business connections right there. I would look to have this like 2 hour session with the first hour guys go to there area tables then the second hour open up to go to any table to cross over ideas.

3-Demonstrations: where guys who will bring there equipment get a discount to this show if they do a demo. This can be for any contractor that wants to show what he uses. I don’t know what the stance is on Vendors in this association so I can’t comment on that.

4-Classes on different types of Cleanings such as wood restoration,Hi-rise window cleaning etc.

5-meet and greet cocktail hour or 2 or 3:)

6-Certification type classes and within that how to market them.(Smart business all the way around if the whole process is done right and you have to keep the integrity high on this as well as keep the perception in the right track). This one is a touchy subject but if done it needs to be done correctly and it needs to stand alone. Example(Don’t shoot me cause it’s just an example) PWRA Wood Certification and how it benefits you… The Contractor. NOT how where better then XY&Z because those ones could be good as well. Keep yours separate and how it benefits the contractor… Make it excellent and make it “Stand alone on it’s own merit” and you’ll do fine.

7- contest and prizes(people love these)

8- Give out something from the PWRA to all attendees. This is a win win. People love to show where they went or what they belong to. Depending on funds anywhere from a sticker to a hat or shirt that says PWRA on it. I went to the Dominican Republic last year and I have a beautiful DR ballcap.

9-The next generation of Powerwashing session. How to be prepared for the future. What to look for, what to look into etc etc.

10-How to win bids, how to win minority bids such as “hint hint” the advantages of having a female or minority owned business and also how to just win bids in general and what that entails.

11- I could go on–Who’s next:D

will we get another huge sticker? LOL

Who is your target audience, that will determine the agenda.

I vote for something on the east coast, like maybe Ocean City, NJ. Let me know if thats a possibility and I will look into some off season pricing for rooms

Plus one on Ocean City

What is central about Nashville or NJ? Help out the westerners.

Nc is mid point in east coast.

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Ya i think North Carolina would be a good choice…

Besides being on long Island down the road from my house:rolleyes: Memphis maybe a better draw and it’s a little more central. The PWNA did Nashville last year and it was pretty cool…but in 2006 the PWNA Convention really rocked the house. The hotel was a knockout and after a long day we would jump on a trolly and head into the heart of Memphis which was all sectioned off. It was Blues town USA in there from Bo Didleys to the rock and roll performers in the other bars. The street life was fun. If you go with your spouse or girlfriends or family you have Graceland pretty close by. You may see one to many Elvis lookalikes walking around but it’s all fun.

Nashville was memorable for me but Memphis was wall to wall excitement and fun.

As for ever doing a Convention near my town…forget it. They’ll rape ya just on the price of soda alone.

Ok, NC or Nashville is central for the east coast. But this isn’t an east coast forum is it. Central is like Kansas or somewhere. Let’s make this fair.

Yeah, make it here in STL, :smiley:

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If the event is about having fun, count me out.

If its a learning opportunity I’ll consider it.

I’ll just tell you straight up that Lebanon, KS is not even being considered.

Lol. I can understand that. But it is the center of the United States. Just sayin.

Should be big time learning first. 8-12 hours a day… The other part is up to you;)

I think statistically Kentucky is the most central / easiest to get to for the most people… (Not technically the most central)

Im surprised there is not more events there.

Good guy to talk to about Kentucky would be Michael Kriesle. He’s a member here who’s passionate towards moving this industry forward. He was at the same Roundtable I was at where we were trying to move an org forward to the benefit of this Industry. I believe it was Michael’s idea “Contractors for Contractors”. He’d be the first guy I would look to pick his brains to see what he suggest for his home state…
Just Sayin …

You went to NOLA 2012 so you know what kind of event we’re shooting for.
Although I did mean to ask your advice on adding a hose rolling contest for NOLA 2013…

:rolleyes: - LOL

Chris is it is held in Kentucky you can count me in!

Although I think Nashville would also be an absolute riot. I also
think it complements the NOLA event well due to the unique location
and culture…

Hey if you have it in Kentucky why not look into Mammoth Cave National Park?That way every one could bring their family for vacation and use it as a tax write off.